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Research Interests



Direct digital design and manufacturing from massive scan data (supported by NSF)


The goal is to develop computational tools enabling a new way of developing products, direct design and manufacturing from 3D sensing of pre-existing objects, one that can bypass the painstaking CAD model reconstruction involved in current product development process.


If successful, this research would change the way a large number of 3D parts are developed, enable custom product development at mass production efficiency by circumventing laborious and error-prone CAD model reconstruction and lead to quantum-leap progress in bringing physical objects into digital space for direct engineering processing.



Geometry processing in direct tele-fabrication: (Yong Chen (USC), Kang Li and Xiaoping Qian)


Acquired head model and designed base template

Hybrid digital model

Rapid prototyped head-mask

Development of a customer-specific head mask (Pinghai Yang, Tim Schmidt, Xiaoping Qian)

Representative publications:

1.       Chen, Y., Li, K. and Qian, X., "Direct geometry processing for tele-fabrciation", Proceedings of 2012 ASME IDETC/CIE, awarded 2012 ASME CIE/CAPPD Best Paper Award.

2.       Yang, P., Li, K. and Qian, X., "Topologically enhanced slicing of MLS surfaces", ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 031003, 2011.[pdf] An earlier version appeared in Proceedings of 2010 ASME IDETC, awarded 2010 ASME CIE/CAPPD Best Paper Award.

3.       Yang, P., Schmidt, T. and Qian, X., "Direct Digital Design and Manufacturing from Massive Point-Cloud Data," Computer-Aided Design & Applications, Vol. 6, No. 5, pp. 685 - 699, 2009. [pdf]

4.       Yang, P. and Qian, X., "Direct Boolean Intersection between Acquired and Designed Geometry", Computer-Aided Design, Vol. 41, No. 2, pp. 81- 94, Feb 2009.[pdf]

5.       Zhang, D., Yang, P., and Qian, X., "Adaptive NC Path Generation from Massive Point Data with Bounded Error," ASME Transactions Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Vol. 131, 011001-113, Feb 2009. [pdf]

6.       Yang, P. and Qian, X., "Adaptive Slicing of Moving Least Squares Surfaces: Toward Direct Manufacturing from Point Cloud Data," ASME Transactions Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, Vol. 8, No. 3, Sep 2008. [pdf]

7.      Yang, P. and Qian, X., "Direct computing of surface curvatures for point-set surfaces," Proceedings of 2007 IEEE/Eurographics Symposium on Point-based Graphics(PBG), Prague, Czech Republic, Sep. 2007. [Matlab source code]







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