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Faculty, Research Associate and Students




Xiaoping Qian




Research Associates and Students

Sicheng Sun

Ph.D. student


Mehrdad Zareh

Ph.D. student


Tianye Wang

Ph.D. student


Joshua Gasick

Ph.D. student





o   Daicong Da, postdoctoral researcher, currently at Northwestern University, 2020.

o   Cunfu Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Xiamen University, 2020.

o   Piotr Liebersbach, MS, 2020.

o   Yunyong Cheng, visiting professor, 2017.

o   Xilu Wang, Ph.D., 2017, now at MSC Software, CA.

o   Joshua Tjipto, undergraduate rsearch, 2017.

o   Songtao Xia, Ph.D., 2017, now at Siemens Corporate Technology, NJ.

o   Francesco Mezzadri, visiting Ph.D. student from University of Modena, Italy, 2015,

o   Kang Li, Ph.D. at IIT, 2015, now at SIEMENS

o   Yu Gao, MS at IIT, 2014

o   Mingming Wang, MS at IIT, 2013

o   Seungcheol Yang, Postdoc at IIT 2011 ~ 2013, now at UTexas, Austin

o   Noah Jaxon, MS at IIT, 2013

o   Kangmin Xu, Ph.D. at IIT, 2013, now at Motorola Mobility

o   Yu Liu, Postdoc at IIT, 2009 ~ 2011, Xiamen University

o   Wei Zhao, Postdoc at IIT, 2008 ~ 2009, Autodesk Research

o   Pinghai Yang, Ph.D. at IIT 2009, now at GE Research, Niskayuna, NY.

o   Karthikeyan Kittappan, MS at IIT 2009

o   Tim Schmidt, MS at IIT 2009, now at Scot Inc.

o   Fenglei Tian, MS at IIT, 2008

o   Yanjie Qiu, visiting Ph.D. student from Shanghai Jiaotong University

o   Shiliang Chen, MS at IIT, 2007

o   Yunbao Huang, Postdoc at IIT, 2005 ~ 2007, now faculty at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

o   Soner Ozkan, MS at IIT, 2006, now at GE Energy




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