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Faculty, Research Associate and Students




Xiaoping Qian




Research Associates and Students

Daicong Da

Postdoctoral researcher


Cunfu Wang

Ph.D. student


Sicheng Sun

Ph.D. student


Mehrdad Zareh

Ph.D. student


Ruochun Zhang

Ph.D. student


Piotr Liebersbach

Ph.D. student





o   Yunyong Cheng, visiting professor, 2017.

o   Xilu Wang, Ph.D., 2017, now at MSC Software, CA.

o   Joshua Tjipto, undergraduate rsearch, 2017.

o   Songtao Xia, Ph.D., 2017, now at Siemens Corporate Technology, NJ.

o   Francesco Mezzadri, visiting Ph.D. student from University of Modena, Italy, 2015,

o   Kang Li, Ph.D. at IIT, 2015, now at SIEMENS

o   Yu Gao, MS at IIT, 2014

o   Mingming Wang, MS at IIT, 2013

o   Seungcheol Yang, Postdoc at IIT 2011 ~ 2013, now at UTexas, Austin

o   Noah Jaxon, MS at IIT, 2013

o   Kangmin Xu, Ph.D. at IIT, 2013, now at Motorola Mobility

o   Yu Liu, Postdoc at IIT, 2009 ~ 2011, Xiamen University

o   Wei Zhao, Postdoc at IIT, 2008 ~ 2009, Autodesk Research

o   Pinghai Yang, Ph.D. at IIT 2009, now at GE Research, Niskayuna, NY.

o   Karthikeyan Kittappan, MS at IIT 2009

o   Tim Schmidt, MS at IIT 2009, now at Scot Inc.

o   Fenglei Tian, MS at IIT, 2008

o   Yanjie Qiu, visiting Ph.D. student from Shanghai Jiaotong University

o   Shiliang Chen, MS at IIT, 2007

o   Yunbao Huang, Postdoc at IIT, 2005 ~ 2007, now faculty at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

o   Soner Ozkan, MS at IIT, 2006, now at GE Energy




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